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DJ Rax is the 'new kid on the block' here at Hot 107.1. He takes you home every weekday from 3pm-7pm, and he provides you with the latest information on the hottest stars, and get's you home safely with up to the minute traffic, and weather updates. Rax has been in radio for 20 years, and has worked in several radio markets including Dallas, TX, New Orleans, LA, and most recently he was an Operations Manager over 4 radio stations in Tupelo, MS. Besides his on-air radio show, he also has the responsibility of program director of Hot 107.1 as well. 

The 'Go- Live' Afternoon Drive is designed to be a safe haven for Rax's audience to come and feel like they are 100% involved in the show. Since Rax has arrived he has had several on-air interviews with today's hottest Hip Hop stars in the industry, and he couples each in-studio radio interview with videos that are shared online as well. Bringing the element of 'SHOW' back to the radio show-- DJ Rax and the 'Go Live' afternoon drive is coming to a radio/computer near you so check him out!!!

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